How To Reach The Venue

Convenient ways to reach the exhibition venue - SNIEC

There are two airports in Shanghai, PVG in the Southeast and SHA in the West. SNIEC is located in the Pudong New Area, Shanghai, about 33 kilometers from PVG and 32 kilometers from SHA.

Airport Shuttle Bus
Operation Date: 9/07-9/11, 2019
Operation Hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Interval: 30 minutes)

From Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport
to Venue: around 40 minutes

From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
to venue: around 40 minutes

Metro Shuttle Bus
LONGYANG ROAD Station (Line 2)
to venue: Outside Hall E8B / No. 1 Entrance Hall

Metro Shuttle Pick-up Point

Line 7: Huamu Road Station (花木路站)
(5 mins walking to No. 2 Entrance Hall)

Access Metro Line 7 at these Metro interchange stations:
Line 1-Changshu Rd Station (常熟路站)
Line 2-Jingan Tample Station (静安寺站)
Line 3/4-Zhenping Rd Station (镇坪路站)
Line 4-Dong'an Rd Station (东安路站)
Map of Shanghai Metro

Pudong Airport - 10 minutes - Longyang Rd Station (Metro Line 2/7)
And then you can transfer Metro Shuttle (situated outside Exit 4#) straight to Hall E8B or No. 3 Entrance Hall.

Metro Shuttle Pick-up Point
Maglev Fare and Timetable

Shanghai New Int'l Expo Centre
No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai

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