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Two main visitor categories are Traders and Designers, counting 77.65% of the total visitors. On one hand, it shows the large need of business deals and product design; on the other hand, it remarks the important role of Furniture China to the industry.

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Increasing purchasing power of Chinese furniture market
As HKTDC research mentioned, China is a large scaled furniture consumption market of more than 36 billion dollars with a year-on-year growing rate of 16.1%. Even though, it has still vast room for expansion.

Networking with Global Buyers

21,218 visits by International visitors from 132 countries & regions
Aisa 56.89%
North America 12.84%
Latin America 3.13%
Europe 18.34%
Oceania 6.59%
Africa 1.87%

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Exhibitor's Comments

There are more and more fairs that we see in the world, so there are a lot of competitions where the customers can go. But the attraction of this special fair here in Shanghai is growing, due to the fact that the world is attending to the fair.

David Soulard


For us it’s clear that we are coming to sign the right partners, opening more stores if possible, and sign the partners with long time relationships, meaning that it’s a win-win collaboration.

Antoine Roset

Marketing Director / GROUP ROEET, France

I think it’s a good window to the world. It’s a place where you can meet the people from many countries, and we saw over eighty countries all over the world. This is one of the fairs in the world where you have the most international buyers coming.

Torben Villadsen

CEO / ACTONA, Denmark

We try to promote the Belgian companies worldwide, and of course China is a very important market for us because it’s so big, and we have the feeling that a lot of Chinese people really love Belgian companies and Belgian brands. That’s why we are here also.

Kevin Snyders

Director / BELGO FURN, Belgium

I think it’s a very successful event. This is our third day and we’ve been able to meet a lot of local and international buyers, interior design companies and consultants, as well as end users. It’s a great variety of the clients.

Mariam Al Tamimi

Senior Director / DECOART, UAE

Among the furniture fairs of China, Furniture China has international exhibitors of highest quality. According to the visits these days and the number of inquiries we’ve got at our booth, I believe it’s really a large fair with reputation.

Hua Shengrui

Sales Manager / STRESSLESS, Norway

You can find a variety of different products and deign as well as different types of buyers. If you intend to enter a market, even the whole world, here is one of the most powerful and effective place.

Maria Yee

Founder / MARIA YEE, USA

I think it’s a very good platform for also exhibitors to touch with the existing China clients, as well as opportunities to meet up with international clients that they can develop relationships with.

Richard Yu

CEO / MTC, Malaysia

We are able to bring our timber and information to China, reselling to manufacturers, which means a lot to the development of local furniture market.

Chan Jick Chun

Regional Founder / AHEC, Hong Kong

It’s really a good help-hand for our brand architecture. We are able to showcase the best display and business mode.

Monica Qian

Deputy Manager / CHIC CASA, Italy