Gold Idea Design Awards

Co-hosted by China National Furniture Association, Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and ELLE DECORATION, Gold Idea Furniture Design Award (hereafter referred to as “GIDA”) aims at a world-class furniture design award, or the equivalent of “Red Dot Award" in China.

Since its inception five years ago, GIDA has received a total of 1,547 works from 546 enterprises, recognized as an important award by Furniture China. With the aim of transforming China’s furniture industry from “made in China” to “intelligent manufacturing in China”, GIDA supports China’s design and helps it establish a reputation in the international arena. While focusing on the spirit of “originality”, Gold Idea Award places higher emphasis on brands and designers using traditional elements and conventional techniques, making clear the position of Furniture China that it promotes and supports the original design in China.

2019 Gold Idea Special Award


R.E.Design showcased the solution of the redesign of raw materials, such as glass, fabric, and panels, connecting industrial resources, to further help material suppliers elevate the value of these primary products.

2019 Best Designer / Design Team of the Year


ziinlife always creates the thoughtful surprise. They are devoted to discover the hidden beauty from ordinary life, and design furniture with simple expression, but full of wonder and delight. ziinlife hopes that they can make quality design furniture accessible and affordable, think with heart, feel with brain.

2019 Gold Idea Inheritance Award

IZEN Environmental Art

Designer / Design Team: Sean Tau

Shanghai Zece Trading

Blossom Lamp
Designer / Design Team: ziinlife

Hangzhou Yuzhu Culture

Liuhe Table
Designer / Design Team: JIZHU BAMBOO STUDIO

2019 Gold Idea Award

Mexarts Household

PENINSULA Dining Table
Designer / Design Team: Hans Thyge & Co


Designer / Design Team: Neri&Hu

Liechao Cai

Grid bench
Designer / Design Team: Liechao Cai

Beijing Jiusesenhong

Monet Series - Small Painting Table
Designer / Design Team: Xuguang Yang / hamuoo


Wall tile
Designer / Design Team: FONE

Ping Tian Art & Crafts

multi-function Solid wood lamp
Designer / Design Team: Fan Zhuoyi & Ouyang Huajun

Simin QIU/ Sitao QIU

Dynamic Bench
Designer / Design Team: Simin QIU/ Sitao QIU

Hongfei REN

Flow Chair
Designer / Design Team: Hongfei REN

Jinxiang Ceramic

Dining Ware
Designer / Design Team: Xiang Shang